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Asset finance can be an important part of gathering working capital, managing equipment leasing costs, or working around the limitations of your company’s assets.

Based on offering assets as collateral, asset financing can be a short or medium term solution for getting more funding when you need it most.

As an asset finance expert company, we can make sure that you get the right finance package you need while being able to spread the cost of your assets over the lifetime use of the assets.

We understand how to work with each client to get them the results that they need, whether they are sole traders, partnerships, small businesses, or limited companies.

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Why Choose Us?

We are an accredited asset finance specialist company with a long list of financing awards and certifications under our belt.

Having gained many years of experience in the finance industry, we understand how to support businesses through a range of financing options.

One of our many goals in the finance industry is to remain competitive across the lending space and to secure finance arrangements for our clients at competitive rates.

No matter your company’s cash flow issues or financial concerns, we can find ways to give you a new influx of working capital at the right time and in the right way.

Our data experts are here to help you wrap your head around the world of asset financing!

If you have any questions, just contact our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Looking into different asset finance providers in your town can be a great way to get things up and running again, as long as you have still got access to your registered trading name.

For the best experience, you will want to make sure you are signing on with the best businesses possible. Which is why you should choose us.

Asset Based Finance

We specialise in a range of finance agreement options, whether that is asset based lending, bridging loans for delays accounts receivable or something far more niche.

It is important to work with a company who are fully licensed and registered under the Financial Conduct Authority and have been able to work with major banks within the UK economy.

Working under the Financial Conduct Authority means that legislations and guidelines are followed correctly and clients are treated fairly.

What are the Various Types of Asset Financing?

There are many different types of asset finance methods available in the UK, all of which focus on a different method of providing short-term working capital.

Each one has its own specific benefits and drawbacks, so understanding them all can be important when choosing the right option for each situation.

The types of asset finance you rely on will change depending on your own situation and the individual circumstances behind your asset finance needs.

Types of Asset Financing Near Me

Hire Purchase Agreement

Hire purchase (HP) is where you pay an initial deposit and then pay off the full value of the finance through regular payments that are structured to fit your budget.

These often give you the freedom to choose between fixed and variable rates – something we personally do for our clients as well, where possible.

Hire purchase is a great option for situations where you want new equipment long-term.

Rather than being a temporary lease, it provides you with a way to get the latest equipment you need in the long term while paying over an agreed period of time.

Hire purchase is not ideal in every situation, but it provides easy access to the much needed equipment that you could not afford to buy outright. Having the latest equipment or high value items, means you could offer a competitive edge, which can help your business.

Our hire purchase options can be easily secured by other assets and can be important in any industry where short-notice leases may be important.

This is where you pay an initial deposit and then pay off the full value of the vehicle through regular payments that are structured to fit your budget and you have the freedom to choose between fixed and variable rates. Whilst also having the option to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Equipment Lease

An equipment lease is an asset finance method based on a contractual agreement with a lender.

This kind of asset finance lease involves making a deal with the lender to use the equipment for a specific amount of time.

During this leasing period, UK firms and businesses can use these hard assets in return for periodic payments – then either return, buy it for an agreed sum, or extend the lease of the equipment at the end of the lease.

Operating Lease

Operating leasing is similar to equipment leasing but for a longer term instead of day-to-day operations.

These can be a cheaper option overall and are often based on the lease time rather than the value of the asset – making it much better for getting specialist equipment at a lower price point.

Operating leasing can be a cheaper alternative to other leasing methods while also providing easy access to emergency financing.

While it is very similar to equipment leasing, the two are distinct enough to make them both practical in different situations – contact our experts if you need to know more.

Finance Lease

Finance lease is a popular agreement for businesses needing commercial vehicles. Many companies will choose this finance product when Hire Purchase is not suitable.

Finance lease can offer tax advantages and flexibility to eligible businesses who require one or more commercial vehicle but do not have funds accessible to pay up front.

With this lease agreement, you can either pay the entire cost of the vehicle (including interest), over a set period of time or you can choose to pay lower monthly rentals, with the final payment based on the resale value of the vehicle. This is also known as a balloon payment.

In this agreement, the vehicle will be owned by the lending company and not the business borrowing it.

It can be an excellent lease option for dealing with a range of specific situations and specialist equipment.

Asset Refinance

Asset refinancing allows a business to pledge its business assets as collateral.

This can give them access to funding that they otherwise would not qualify for and can bypass the need to have a high credit score just to get the loans or equipment leases that they need.

Since asset refinancing is based on the value of the business assets you use as collateral, your short-term loan potential is based entirely on the business equipment you state.

This can give a small business more leeway in the financing method that they use.

Business Contract Hire 

Contract hire helps you to avoid the risks associated with ownership, such as asset depreciation.

This form of asset financing helps to manage cash flow with fixed monthly rates, and a vehicle can be sourced that fits your requirements with the option to upgrade to a new vehicle every 2-4 years.

Intellectual Property 

This is another financial solution that offers a cash injection of capital without your business losing any control since this method is designed to unlock any intangible assets your business may have.

Your business will still be able to retain daily commercial use of the valuable asset as well as have software development rights. 

Residual Value Lease 

The finance company will own the asset and bear any anticipated risks such as disposal costs and future values.

There are no large initial cash outlays or costs on this disposal and rentals can be fitted to suit your budget. You will also be protected from risks associated with assets losing value.

If you would like to receive even more information on the types of asset financing services we offer, make sure you get in touch with us today!

Asset Finance Benefits

There are many benefits to hiring asset finance experts and entering an asset financing agreement.

Whether you are looking for finance growth through careful asset based lending or just a way to lower rental costs for important equipment, each method provides its own advantages and disadvantages.

No matter what option you turn to, asset finance has a range of general benefits that make it worthwhile. Some of these include:

  • It is easier to obtain than traditional bank loans.
  • The fixed payments make budgeting simple to manage.
  • Most agreements have fixed interest rates and no unexpected surprises.
  • It can help businesses spread the cost of buying or hiring equipment, avoid ownership costs and the full costs of buying outright.
  • Business lending and equipment leasing can allow many businesses to get equipment and assets they otherwise would not be able to afford.
  • Offers a cash injection for companies.
  • It can avoid depreciation and hire purchase risks.
  • The fixed hire terms can avoid interest rate failure.
  • It can remove uncertainty about cash flow changes.
  • It is an accessible option to any business that can meet its financial obligation.
  • Businesses can use hard asset finance options to get even better security on their working capital.
  • It can make it easier to raise funds for additional company needs.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss our services and what we can offer.

Costs of Asset Financing

The cost of your asset financing can vary from £5000-£2million since it is all dependent on what you’re financing.

Since every financing situation is different, each company can expect to pay different amounts depending on their situation.

This can vary heavily based on the company’s balance sheet, assets, and the finance methods they end up choosing.

The rates for asset finance typically vary from 3% for borrowers with great credit to 50% for those with poor credit.

This leaves a lot of room for variation based on a business’ asset finance industry history, credit, existing assets, and past instances of fixed interest rates failure to pay.

Interest rates on asset refinance loans can vary from 2% to 15% depending on the assets offered as security.

This means that companies need to think about what they are using to secure their finance leasing arrangement.

For example, vehicle asset finance lease interest may be much higher than a range of soft assets.

Your agreed lump sum loan amount may be higher if you use something like agricultural vehicles or farm machinery as security, but the finance methods may also have higher interest.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is the concept of using your balance sheet assets as security, usually to borrow money or equipment that you do not want to pay for directly.

This allows a business to spread the cost and financial obligations while still getting a beneficial finance agreement.

The many advantages of asset finance make it an invaluable option for a huge range of businesses and limited companies.

Through asset finance, a business can offer a range of assets as collateral. This includes inventory, mechanical equipment, or even entire buildings.

By doing this, a company can effectively secure a finance arrangement that they otherwise would not be able to afford, sometimes even bypassing their own credit rating issues or other long-term problems that would make regular loans and leases less effective.

Asset financing is different to taking out a standard loan and there are many additional benefits to this type of finance.

Company’s Balance Sheet Assets

A company’s balance sheet is calculated based on a company’s overall assets, liabilities and equity.

In most cases, a company’s total assets are equal to its total liabilities and total equity. Total assets are the sum of all assets, including both short-term and long-term ownership of particular assets.

This information is occasionally used in finance contexts to judge a company’s total asset value, as well as to manage things like financing based on the value of the asset, instead of credit rating. This makes a big difference in asset-based financing.

How Does Asset Finance Work?

Financing is all about securing loans using assets. Since most assets are physical things that often have a consistent value, they can provide greater security, thereby allowing a business to go for larger-scale loans and leases as needed.

For example, using commercial vehicles as security can allow a business to get new asset finance choices, regardless of their business model or what the business sells.

It is possible to have asset-based lending which is less than 12 months, however, the minimum term tends to be 12 months.

What is an Asset Finance Company?

An asset finance specialist company is any company that provides these finance methods to its clients and business customers. As a finance provider, they work with UK businesses to deliver the finances.

What is an Asset Finance Broker?

An asset finance broker is a person or company who is hired to play the role of assisting their clients in the purchase of assets from a supplier, asset finance brokers assist clients in finding the right lender to suit their needs.

Brokers do not provide loans themselves but a finance broker will review the applicants circumstances and introduce applicants to the financial product which they recommend.

It is important to review individual circumstances as there are so many funding options available which can be confusing to businesses. Make sure you contact trusted advisors who are FCA approved.

How do I Know that Asset Finance is Right for Me?

If your business is having issues with cash flow, but you have some office equipment that you own fully, then asset finance is an option you could try.

This allows you to use your physical assets as security against a loan provided by an asset finance provider.

Whether or not you can access asset financing as an alternative to business loans depends on whether you hire, purchase, or borrow your company’s assets.

That could cover any assets such as office equipment, machinery, or commercial vehicles – any objects that your company needs and that you can hire, purchase, or borrow.

An asset finance company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority will be a legitimate business with a skilled team, fully prepared for a long-term business relationship with firms such as yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Asset in Finance?

An asset is anything that has current or future economic value to a business or person. This could be a physical asset, a place, a piece of software, some intellectual property, or anything else that has direct value.

Is it Easy to get Asset Finance?

Financing is easier for a business to apply for than a traditional bank loan, and this is because it is usually a short-term relief for a business.

As long as your company’s assets are of value to a financing company, it will be easy to obtain the finance.

Who is Eligible for Asset Finance?

Asset finance is appropriate for most businesses. If your business needs a quick or short-term cash loan, asset financing is the way forward.

It is a quick and easy process that makes it easier for a business to obtain capital without needing to go through the bank.

Anything that your business owns that has any sort of value can be used in financing.


Is Asset Finance Regulated?

Business Asset finance is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); however, the FCA covers financial services providers for certain regulated activities.

Asset finance still falls under a range of legal requirements and laws. Our experts can break down the specifics and help you understand the process for yourself, especially if you are new to the whole concept.

When can an Asset be Recognised?

An asset is usually recognised in a balance sheet, and this usually happens when the asset has probably future economic value or has a cost or value that can be measured reliably.

This does not have to be a physical asset. For example, some intellectual properties can be used as assets, as can anything else that has value in a reasonably large market or within a specific industry.

The actual value of an asset may vary depending on the circumstances behind the arrangement. For example, not all financing organisations will accept all assets depending on how easily they could get value out of them.

Does my Business Qualify for Asset Finance?

Asset finance is appropriate for any business if your business needs a quick or a short-term cash loan asset financing is the way forward.

It is a quick and easy process that makes it easier for a business to obtain capital without needing to go through the bank.

Anything that your business owns that has any sort of value can be used in asset financing.

Sole traders, as well as larger companies are eligible for this type of finance, as long meet the criteria.

What Happens if I Can’t Pay the Money Back?

If your business cannot pay the money back with regular repayments, then you are at risk of  losing the assets you have chosen to finance. 

It is important to keep up with the regular repayments and fees, as failure to do so can result in the assets being taken away and impact your credit score.

What is the Difference Between Hire Purchase and Contract Hire?

The main difference between hire purchase and contract hire is that at the end of the hire purchase agreement, you own the asset, whereas with contract hire, you are leasing the asset for a set period and return it at the end of the lease agreement.

Also, some companies can get tax benefits with hire purchase agreements, due to them owning the asset.


If you are looking for finance methods that you can rely on, then we offer a huge range of financing methods to ensure that our clients get the lease or loans that they each need for their business to succeed.

Our experience in the finance industry has given us a deep understanding of how leases should work and what our clients may be looking for.

If you want to know more about what we can offer – whether that is the agreed period of the lease or a specific kind of finance option altogether – then contact us for more specifics.

We do our best to provide the right finance methods for each client, no matter their business’ scale or their specific needs.

We are always happy to hear from new potential clients that require our financing skills and options or who want some peace of mind when looking for a business loan.

Contact our team if you want to know more about any specific part of our work or if you have questions about financing that our experts can answer for you.

Finding asset financing firms is not particularly difficult, and many of them can offer you a simple quote if you contact them via their email address.

There are many different equipment leasing funding options in your county, and the important thing is finding a reliable one that you can trust.

That means that you should only trust your business growth to a company fully regulated by the financial conduct authority!

If you would like more information on a certain financial product, let our team know by filling in the contact form.

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